Origin of life

The Muse has no notes divided into Topnotes, Midnotes, or Basenotes.

The perfume is clean, innocent, and warm. The idea is to not give up women's secrets - but to share real pure love.

Therefore no notes will be described as leading in The Muse.


Flora Danica

Purple Molécule 070.07 was born in the seventh month to encapsulate the Nordic summer landscapes in full bloom.

I call it Flora Danica.

TOPNOTES :: Wild Flower Accord – White Orchids - Magnolias

HEART NOTES :: Ripped out!

BASENOTES :: Madagascar Vanilla – Molecules – Sandalwood - Silver Musk Accord

MOLéCULE 234.38

A love affair

MOLéCULE 234.38 is based on one, big molecule as the dominating ingredient.

The molecule interacts with ones own pheromones - in a sense making it more of a phenomenon than an actual fragrance.

This deeply personal interaction creates a highly sensual fragrance that is as unique, and as lovely, as each person wearing it.

A love affair of a lifetime.


Your best-dressed moment

Oud-Couture is a Woody Spicy fragrance for women and men. Oud-Couture was launched in 2016.

TOPNOTES :: Mandarin Oil - Orange Blossom - Bergamot

HEART NOTES :: Cardamom Oil - Black Pepper - Vanilla

BASENOTES :: Oud Wood - Sandalwood - Rosewood - Vetiver

Oud-Couture is a unisex perfume.


Olfactory composition

With inspiration from the movie Inception, the composition in this fragrance moves through six phases, rather than the three phases typical of traditional perfumes.

Among the ingredients you will find a high quality mixture of all the scents that appeals to both man and woman:

Ozones, Citrus, Floral, Spicy, Greens, and Woods.


The heartless one

The interpretation of the nordic elements fused with pink champagne is the foundation of this perfume.

The fragrance is almost mineralic, in that it goes from the topnotes directly to the basenotes.

TOPNOTES :: Elderflower – Abricot – Black Orchid – Pink Molecules

HEART NOTES :: Ripped out!

BASENOTES :: Mahogany – Cream Accord – Black Wood Accord

PINK MOLéCULE is a feminine perfume.


Discrete and fresh

This perfume is composed for the self-conscious, luxurious woman, who find herself in the hustle and bustle of every day life.

A perfume that develops from Green Tea Absolute and Pomegranate. Not being a heavy perfume, the fragrance still retains deep sensual notes.

The scent is Nordic - discrete and fresh.

TOPNOTES :: Pomegranate – Soft White Florals

HEART NOTES :: Greens – Green Tea India – Ozones

BASE – DRYDOWN :: White Sweet Musk – Blond Woods


The silence of the dessert

BUDDHA WOOD is a deliciously seductive scent that wakes the senses and creates lovely memories.

NOTES :: Buddha Wood – Australian Sandalwood - Cashmere Wood - Musk Accord

Buddha Wood is a unisex perfume.


The opulent

Oud is one the most expensive raw materials used for perfume in the world.

It has a uniquely special fragrance of sweet woods and woodland soils.

The composition of the fragrance has been made with the finest materials available, offering you the luxuries of Oud, Indian Green Tea, Ambergris, and White Musk.

The scent created allows the fragrance to be sued as a uni-sex perfume.


Farewell control

MOLéCULE No8 was born in a moment of clarity on an autumn beach, and developed over 14 months of refusing to ask what, why or how.

The mission was simple: To capture the essence of human innocence and beauty in a fragrance, whatever it took to get there.

MOLéCULE No8 contains ingredients, of course, but what it’s really made from is the transformative power of a 5 o’clock sunrise and hearing a child say “I love you.”

TOPNOTES :: Mandarin Organic Oil - and molecules

HEART NOTES :: Turkish Rose Absolute - and molecules

BASENOTES :: West Indian Organic Patchouli Oil – Black Agerwood – and molecules


The principle of proximity

MÉNAGE À TROIS is that most forbidden of love stories, where we take severe risks, indulge in absolute freedom, and succumb to a lawless maelstrom of passion and desire.

Composed of 3 major Musk molecules, one fractionated to fit into a compound, MÉNAGE À TROIS is at once intimate and exhilarating.

As a second skin, it races from innocence to deep intensity, yet always stopping short of overpowering.

NOTES :: Aromatic Base Musk – Crushed Watermelon