Shaken, not stirred

CLOUD COLLECTION No.1 is a floral woody perfume that contrasts light and dark accents in layers.

It is the world’s first perfume that reacts to its environment, the weather, and the personal aura of it's wearer.

TOPNOTES :: Danish Sea-Buckthorn

HEART NOTES :: French Jasmin Absolute

BASENOTES :: Drift Wood Accord


The cloud on ice

CLOUD COLLECTION No.2 draws on the bleak, silvery-grey aura of the Danish environment for inspiration.

The unique design of the bottle and its contents allows you to visualize the scent as a mixture of oil, esters, and water.

Shake the bottle and the particles run together to form a seamless whole, wait a few minutes for the molecules to settle and separate, and you are able to view the individual components again.


Deep forest

The deep forests of the Nordic landscapes - sunbeams reflected in the treetops, warm and cozy.

The notes will seduce you into a calm state of mind, where every second last for a millennium.

TOPNOTES :: Fresh ripped Pear from the north region in Denmark - Mandarin Accord - Danish Berry Accord

HEART NOTES :: Dark Rose Accord - Warm Ozone Accord - White Magnolia - Tulip Accord

BASENOTES :: Black Vanilla - Madagascar White Oud Accord - Warm Earth Accord - Rich Creamy Sandalwood Accord - Clear Wood Accord - Bright Musk Accord